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These are some of my very favorite baby products! I used them every day and still use some of them daily even two years later!

These burp cloths are life savers! They are super soft and absorbent and I still use them when the girls have runny noses. They come in so many cute colors, they also have the best swaddle blankets, and now that they aren’t swaddled they use them in the stroller or in the car, these are seriously there perfect weight!

I used my wrap all the time! Now I will admit I was not a wrapping pro and never really felt like I could be totally hands free, but both my girls wanted to be held and walked all the time and this wrap really saved my back! I also had a regular carrier that I used when I was out and about with them but when I was home I didn’t want all the snaps and straps.

These bottles and sippy cups have been so good! Kennedy was so particular about her bottles and when we finally landed on these I was so thankful! When Collin came along we tried them with her and she did really well with them as well! And both girls love these sippy cups and they come in the cutest prints!

This sound machine is a life saver for both girls! Kennedy loved it so much that we got the same one for Collin. I also like that I hear the same sound through my monitors at night! I have really enjoyed the sound machine as well!

These pillows are just the best! We actually ended up with three of these nursing pillows (down stairs, upstairs and in Kennedys room!) and I carried the lounging pillow around with us. Before Kennedy moved to her big girl room she had one of them in her crib that she loved to snuggle with! These pillows are perfect for laying on the floor and snuggling and nursing and everything in between!

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favorites! Let me know if there’s any other baby products you want to know about!! I’ve basically used them all!!


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