My Thoughts on the BuzzFeed Tasty 5 layer Cheesecake

One Southern Belle 5 Layer Cheesecake

Original Source: BuzzFeed Tasty

This cheesecake is insane! There are a lot of layers and a lot of steps! Nothing is particularly difficult, it just takes a lot of time and attention to detail! All of the layers are pre-made except for the cheesecake part which is only cream cheese, egg, sugar and vanilla!

One of Chad’s friends send him this recipe and he immediately started asking me to make it! I’m sure you could make each layer from scratch but I didn’t feel the need to add any extra complexity to the recipe! Oreos and Toll House Cookie dough plus box brownies I mean what could go wrong!?

My biggest take away is how to make a brownie pie crust! It was so cool! The recipe calls for a 10 inch springform pan and 8 inch cake pan, but my springform pan is 9 inches and my only smaller round pan is 6 inches. You then bake the brownies in the springform pan with the round cake pan in the center. With my 6 in round pan, I was not too optimistic that there would actually be enough room for the filling, I wasn’t sure how it was going to work but it did!. The really cool part though is, while the brownie is still warm you take the cake pan (using a dish towel or pot holders to protect your fingers!!) and carefully press into the brownie. I pressed it towards the walls of the cake pan and the bottom to condense the brownie and make more room, I had no idea you could do this! The cooked brownie condensed down to form the curst! Even if I don’t make this exact cheesecake again, I will definitely be using this brownie crust trick in the future!

One Southern Belle 5 Layer Cheesecake

This cheesecake is delicious but incredibly rich, I don’t recommend eating a lot of it in one sitting! Once it was chilled I immediately took some to our neighbors to get it out of our house!

I know there are a lot of steps but they aren’t super complicated and it’s a really delicious and over the top dessert! I think it would be super fun to bring to a dinner party or Halloween party or anywhere that you can share it and impress your friends!

In the interest of not leaving out any steps I haven’t retyped the recipe, you can find it here! Let me know if you make if or if you have any other BuzzFeed Tasty recipes that you love!


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