Nordstrom Sale Feminine Picks

One Southern Belle

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I have always been a girly girl, I love bows and makeup and glitter and I’m so excited that I have little girls to pass down my love of girly things! As I have gotten older I have started to gravitate towards softer feminine pieces and less glitter! I am loving these dainty bow details and soft colors!

These dainty necklaces are great for layering and I love a good arm full of bangles! The ruffles in this skirt make me want to twirl just looking at it! I love the soft lilac color of this sweater but it comes in fun stripes as well!

The sale isn’t open to the public yet, but you can shop early according to your nerdy club status or if you see something you love you can add it to your wish list so you can check out once the sale goes live for everyone! Happy Shopping!


I'm just a girl mom of two toddlers who loves to bake during nap time and free shipping!

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