My Cozy Picks from the Nordstrom Sale

One Southern Belle

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I think that cozy clothes are my love language and the Nordstrom Sale has some really amazing pieces on sale this year and I’ve rounded up some of my favorites! Getting dressed up is so much fun but there is something so satisfying after a long day to wash your face and put on some comfy clothes!

Cozy socks are the best and I wear them all year long- we like to keep our house pretty cool! I love the little bow detail on these!

Chad got me a Barefoot Dreams cardigan for Christmas last year and it is hands down my favorite sweater! I don’t wear it as much as I would like because it’s white/grey and I’m always afraid I’m going to get it stained with spit up or worse! I love the dark grey and spruce green colors they are offering this year in the circle cardigan! The Barefoot Dreams Into the Wild Blanket is number one on my wish list this year! I’m making sure that Santa and the Birthday Squirrel know it’s at the top! They also have a matching leopard print cardigan, OMG how cute would it be to wrap up in a matching sweater and blanket combo! It might make nap time feel a bit more glamours!

The Moonlight Dream Pajamas are some of my favorite pajamas that I own! I first got a pair last year after I got my appendix out and I basically lived in them all winter! They are on sale for a great price and I love that you can get long sleeves, short sleeves, shorts or even a gown (which is also high on my list this year!) The material is so good and mine have held up in the wash so well! I wear them at least once a week!

Let me know what you think of my cozy picks! Do you already own and love any of these?! And keep your eye peeled I have more round ups coming soon!


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