Kennedy's Second Birthday

One Southern Belle
One Southern Belle

I can not believe that we officially have a two year old! I’ve wanted to be a mom since I was seven and one of my friends younger sister was born! I never would have imagined that I would have two little girls of my own one day!

Given the crazy times we are in Kennedy had a pretty low key party but it was so good and filled with so much love! Our families were able to make it down and a few of our neighborhood friends were able to come by and play outside for a bit! I just realized that I totally forgot to take picture of all the food and decorations but we kept it super simple with a Chick-fil-A chicken mini tray and fruit tray with some chips and then I made two different types of cookies and a cake! I made salted peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, s’mores cookies and a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting! The cake was so good that our neighbors asked me to make one for their sons birthday this weekend!

Chick-fil-A was so sweet and even included a birthday card and tee shirt for her in our order! We are huge Chick-fil-A fans and this just made me love them even more!! Their party trays are the best and we ended up ordering too many chicken minis and got to enjoy them for a few days after the party!!

One Southern Belle

We were over the moon to find out we were having a little girl! Our families don’t live near us so instead of doing a gender reveal party we took pictures and sent them out! It was so fun, we actually took pink and blue pictures because we didn’t know at the time!

One Southern Belle
One Southern Belle

Kennedy was a big baby, 9lbs 1oz! I was induced but ended up with a c section after about 17 hours of labor! My epidural didn’t work and I had to be put to sleep for the c section which was really scary for Chad and I, but I was so ready to get her here!

One Southern Belle newborn picutures

I wanted to share some things that I have learned over the last two years! The number one most important thing to me is to learn to give myself grace! Kennedy was a fussy infant that wanted to be held and walked constantly, she was super sensitive to different foods in my breast milk and I had to cut out caffeine all together! I would see new moms who were showered and had make up on and looked well rested- that was not me!! It used to really get to me that I felt like I wasn’t as good as the other moms who “could do it all”. Once I had Collin (who was a much easier baby!) I realized that if I only had one baby who wasn’t fussy and slept a lot, I too would have been able to take a shower every day and have a clean house! The comparison game can be so hard and I really had to take a step back and realize that it’s ok to be in a season where your living room isn’t perfect and you don’t wear makeup every day (and if you are a new mom who is able to do those things that’s incredible!) Grace has been so important the last two years! And new mama’s don’t worry, if you have a particularly fussy baby it will pass! Kennedy is now the sweetest little girl with the most servant heart and the night’s spent on the couch or walking the halls are a distant memory!

I have learned that the long nights will pass! I promise! They might pop back up again with colds or ear infections but the nights of cluster feedings and diaper changes will be over eventually! I can remember feeling so alone in the middle of the night feeding her and rocking her. Friends was still on Netflix and I would put it on and their familiar voices would fill my living room (literally one notch over muted!) and I would feel a lot less alone! Kennedy would absolutely not take a bottle so there was no reason to wake Chad, although he would have gladly helped if I needed him! Winnie would also follow me around the house, every step of the way during those long nights! They were so so hard at the time but now I almost (almost!) miss the quiet and snuggling my babies where it felt like we were the only two people in the world!

I have learned that it’s ok to make a mess! This goes a lot with my first lesson of grace! At first I was so anxious to let her feed herself or play with toys that had a lot of pieces that I would then have to pick up or to let her “help me” with things that would ultimately be harder and make more messes! Now I’m a lot more relaxed and she helps me bake and unload the dishwasher and all kinds of things that would be easier/faster/cleaner if I just did them myself. But we have fun and she loves and I mean loooves to help and have a job to do!

I’ve learned that it’s ok to let her cry a little bit! At this point, I know the difference between her protesting cry and her “something is wrong I need help” cry. Obviously if something is wrong I am right there for her, but if she’s just mad that it’s nap time I have gotten to the point where I can still get things accomplished that I need to do! I used to sit outside her door paralyzed with guilt if she was crying before going to bed. Over the last two years I have learned her cries and that has helped me so much!

I have learned to set a timer, both for myself and for the girls! Sometimes when they are frustrated about bed time I put them on a timer to see if they will settle. If they don’t I am right in there but most times they will! I also put myself on a timer during nap time! I will start a timer and clean as much as I can or pick up as fast as I can and then I rest! These ladies require a lot of energy and attention so I need to rest when I am able! Trying to find a balance of getting stuff done and getting much needed rest is so hard and it will never be perfect but I am constantly working to find it!

OK, this post is getting a bit long! Thank you for hanging in there 🙂 I’m almost done I promise!

I asked Chad what he’s learned and he said that “it’s hard! like so so hard! but it’s worth it!” and he’s right! Nothing can prepare you for the newborn sleepless nights, or the meltdowns, or when you are looking for the adult in the room to handle the situation and you are that adult! But it is so so worth it! I am incredibly proud of her and the little lady she is becoming! Watching her with her sister has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life!

I don’t have all the answers and each family/child is different but these are just some things that I’ve learned along the way!

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