Mini Fruit Galettes

Mini Fruit Galettes One Southern Belle
Mini Fruit Galettes One Southern Belle

If you have read my blog for any length of time you have surely come across one of Sally’s recipes! She is an absolute favorite of mine and her cake batter cookies are absolutely out of this world!! If you are wanting to learn more about baking I highly recommend reading her blog. Sally gives you the breakdown of each ingredient and why they are important, I have learned so much from her!

Each month Sally hosts a baking challenge where she sends out a new recipe and people all over bake it! For May it was the Mini Fruit Galette! I think I had seen them on the Great British Baking Show but I did not have any real experience with them on my own. I always go into her recipes ready to take on a new challenge! This one is a two parter, you have to make the pie crust and then you have to come back to roll it out and fill the mini pies.

My favorite thing about this recipe is that my mom told me that her grandmother (my great grandmother who was born 100 years before me!) used to make strawberry dumplings but my mom never knew how she made them and these looked so similar to the ones she remembered! Now I can’t wait to make them for her and see if they taste the same!

This is usually the part of the blog post that has the recipe but I am not going to type it up for you. I would much rather you head on over to Sally’s Blog and read all her info on making these mini galettes! I will say that next time I’m going to serve mine with vanilla ice cream on top! I hope you make these! If you do please let me know!!!


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