Mother’s Day Flowers

One Southern Belle | flowers

This year for Mother’s Day my mom sent me the most thoughtful gift! Sinclair and Moore offered at home floral workshops and I am so excited to have had to opportunity to learn from one of the greats! They shipped the flowers to my door and a video tutorial to my inbox!

One Southern Belle | flowers

I got detailed instructions on how to clean and prep my flowers as well as arrange them! It was truly such a cool experience and I learned so much that I’ll be able to carry with me forever! This past year I have really been working on learning new skills and I love that I can add floral arranging to my arsenal! Of course I won’t be offering wedding arrangements any time soon (or ever!) but I love that I have some tools and knowledge to transform grocery store flowers and even flowers that I’ve grown myself!

Life can be pretty crazy with my girls and it can be hard to find time for myself so I ended up arranging my flowers late one evening after everyone went to bed. It was so fun and I am so proud of how they turned out!

The next morning the light was so beautiful in my kitchen (and the girls were playing sweetly together) so I whipped out my camera and took these pictures! I have loved having all these fresh flowers in our kitchen and dining room the last week and I’m going to be so sad when they are finally gone but I am looking forward to all the arrangements in my future! Happy Mother’s Day!

One Southern Belle | flowers
One Southern Belle | flowers
One Southern Belle | flowers
One Southern Belle | flowers

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