French Silk Pie

A few weeks ago we watched Joanna Gaines as she was promoting her new cooking show, she made a French Silk Pie and I knew I had to try it! I’m not super experienced with pies but I think this one turned out pretty well! Chad even asked if I was planning on making it again any time soon!

There are two things that I would do differently the next time! First, I don’t have an instant read thermometer so I wasn’t exactly sure when the filling was cooked enough. I will definitely be ordering one before I try making it again! I feel like while the taste was excellent the texture was a little gritty! I’m not sure if it was gritty because the filling wasn’t cooked enough or because I used regular sugar in my whipped cream! I’ve always used powdered sugar in my whipped cream but my canister of regular sugar is right on the counter next to my mixer so I just grabbed it instead!

I will be sure to keep you updated the next time I make this pie!!

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