Easter Sugar Cookies

One Southern Belle Sugar Cookies

I have been making sugar cookies with my mom and grandma since I was really little and they are some of my favorite memories!

We never really decorated them though. My memories mostly consist of being bummed that we had to wait for the dough to chill before we rolled them out, and sneaking lots of cookie dough while we were working! This past fall I took a cookie decorating class and it totally reignited my love for making sugar cookies, and icing them!! If you follow me on instagram you’ve seen that I find any excuse to make a sugar cookie (Valentines Day, St. Patricks day and now Easter) and I’m already planning some fun summer cookies!

One Southern Belle Sugar Cookies

I love these plates from TARGET so so much! I grabbed them back early this season and I have loved having them on my buffet and using them for our meals! Easter might be over soon, but I will not be putting them up for a while!

One Southern Belle Sugar Cookies
One Southern Belle Buttercream Lamb Sugar Cookies

These little buttercream lambs are my favorite! I’ve never been a huge huge frosting fan (I have been known to flip a piece of cake over and eat it from the bottom to avoid the frosting, but hear me when I say, I LOVE this buttercream! Sally’s Baking Addiction has the best recipes and this one for vanilla buttercream is just perfect on sugar cookies! I am dreaming up all kinds of decorations I can do with buttercream now!

These cookies are also the inspiration for my very first IGTV video! I really enjoyed making it and I can’t wait to make some more!

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