Easy Brownies

As much as I love baking for my friends and family there’s one treat that I love straight out of the box, brownies!! There is just nothing quite like a warm brownie hot out of the oven! I don’t know what my mom and I are baking in this photo but I bet brownies would be a good guess! I remember 

making brownies for any kind of special occasion or even just celebrating a Friday night at the end of a long week.  When company would come, my mom would make a chocolate chip cake for dessert, but we would always have brownies as a little sweet treat as well! Basically brownies are a cure all! 

I’ve tried making brownies from scratch and they are good (and the ones I made were pretty labor intensive!) but at the end of the day honestly I just really love the boxed ones! They are so nostalgic for me and will always hold a special place in my heart!

The last time I made brownies from scratch, I spent a lot of time on them and I was so proud.  We were going to a party so I went ahead and pre-cut them ** that’s my little trick so that I can taste my treats before hand! It looks like you’ve spent time and care plating your goodies nicely, but it’s really just an excuse to cut into the goodness early and try it!!!** Anyway, I cut Chad a tiny little square and laid it out for him on a napkin, I was so proud of that tiny little brownie! I called him in to come taste it thinking he would bite into the square, make yummy noises and appreciate the time and effort that I put into the brownies… nope! he popped the whole square into his mouth, chewed it like twice and swallowed it.  OMG I thought I was going to cry! We went to the party and I made sure everyone knew that I had not brought boxed brownies and they needed to savor them (probably not my finest moment but I was so proud of them!) From that night on, I decided that I was just going to stick with my boxed brownies! They are easy, quick and consistency good! Some things just don’t need to be messed with! 

Whenever I need a sugar fix or I’m just missing my mama I make a pan of brownies. Growing up I always liked the middle the best and my mama liked the edges.  Now as an adult, the edges are my favorite too 🙂 I have one of those all edge brownie pans but its just not the same as a warm corner brownie right from the oven! 

My favorite brownie mix is the Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Premium Brownie Mix.  We get it from Costco and there are 6 batches in the box! Betty Crocker Supreme Triple Chunk was my favorite before I tried the Ghirardelli kind, I do love that the Betty Crocker ones only take 24 minuets in the oven as opposed to 38!  

Maybe it’s a little odd that I’m talking about pre-made brownie mix but I’m a mom of two girls under two and sometimes you just need something warm and yummy that you can whip up during nap time and still have time to clean the kitchen! 

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